About Us

S.T.C, founded by Stéphanie Tumba, is a London-based conglomerate operating in Africa, America & Europe. Its activities include fashion consultancy services, real estate, toys & hobbies, media & entertainment.

 Our values

Our five values are embedded in S.T.C’s genetic code and are the reason why we strive to achieve our goals.

Creativity & Innovation – Nothing is impossible. Nothing is unattainable. Creativity opens all the doors and leads to innovation which makes everything possible. We firmly foster creativity and promote innovation.

Determination –  Have the passion and commitment to achieve Excellence. The lack of resources has never been an obstacle to achieving dreams and goals but the lack of resourcefulness. When there’s a will, there’s a way.

Excellence  – The quest for excellence, a value that permeates every aspect of our group. Each brand is in constant pursuit of perfection. We strongly believe in improving and surpassing ourselves to be able to provide the best for our customers.

Entrepreneurial spirit –  A need for autonomy, the quest for a challenge, the adventurous mindset, the courage to dare, risk takings, all these attributes have always been encouraged and embodied in our group. Today it is still the driving force behind STC.

Passion – We are passionate for what we can bring to kids, women, and men around the world: fun, smile, love, well-being, education, knowledge self-confidence, and so much more.