Our Brands & Portfolios


S.T.C has interests and shares in a variety of sectors but mainly accounts five brands with strong individual identities. Each brand creates products and services whose strategy is based on diversification, innovation and international development. They have always been keen to perfect their know-how with the unchanged ambition to offer exceptional products and services all over the world.

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Who’s Bluffing?® is challenging and enjoyable for card players of any skill level and age. When it comes to fun games for the whole family, Who’s Bluffing?® is the family game that provides hours of entertainment for all.

Create moments to remember with Who’s Bluffing?®; Game night is always fun when you’re playing Who’s Bluffing?®. It’s the bluffing and educational part of the card game that’s fun and easy for kids and adults from 7-year-old.

Explore the fun and challenging card games which each put your knowledge and bluffing strategy to the test. Browse the different versions of the game and our videos to discover new tips and improve the general knowledge. Whether you are looking for an educational, fun, smart or party game, you will find it in Who’s Bluffing?®!

To learn more about Who’s Bluffing?®, please visit www.whosbluffing.com.


Celest Lifestyle is a leading international lifestyle consulting agency offering a personalised service for discerning individuals. Our bespoke service is mainly aimed at those seeking counsel on appearance, behaviour, etiquette, fashion styling, international protocol and profile enhancement. To learn more about our services, please visit www.celestlifestyle.eu.


L&T Estate invests and develops in properties in Europe and other International markets. To learn more about our properties, please visit www.landtestate.com.

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The ultimate Go To Matchmaking agency for single professionals in London.  Coaching & advice on all types of dating, from matchmaking through to utilising the internet dating. The ultimate network of the most eligible single people. To learn more about our services, please visit www.celestconnections.com.


S.T.C gives back to the community by implementing two initiatives called H.E.I.D.I (Help for Education, Integration, Development and Independence) and A.I.D.A (Aide Internationale de Développement à L’Afrique) which operates respectively in the United Kingdom and Africa, helping those who are in difficulty and who show a real desire to bounce back to achieve their dreams and personal goals.

To learn more about our initiatives, please visit www.heidiandaida.com.