As an investor, Sté Tumba Capital is highly active in each business it supports, taking a board position in each equity investment to ensure it maintains a hands-on approach, driven by the significant sector experience and expertise of our investment team: Get Den, Blow LimitedWho’s Bluffing?, Deliveroo UK, 9Flats, Darktrace, Celest Lifestyle, Bid to Trip,  Celest Connections , Deciwatt, …




S.T.C gives back to the community by implementing two initiatives called H.E.I.D.I (Help for Education, Integration, Development and Independence) and A.I.D.An (Aide Internationale de Développement à L’Afrique) which operates respectively in the United Kingdom and Africa, helping those who are in difficulty and who show a real desire to bounce back to achieve their dreams and personal goals.

To learn more about our initiatives, please visit www.heidiandaida.com.